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Welcome to the ‘Hood January 28, 2006

Trying to Be More than Another Blog

Pulling off this blog is really quite a miracle at times. Okay, so maybe Saturdays and Sundays are not my most creative days following a week of teaching and an hour-long commute into the ‘hood. As much as I don’t have time to devote to this blog, it has become a fabulous creative and intellectual experience for me. Just as I have devoted myself to teaching the disadvantaged minorities of The Bronx, a borough of New York City, I hope to stake sgtands against all kinds of racism and bigotry. Maybe we can also have a few chuckles along the way. We can also dream about ending the worst thing to ever happen to education, No Child Left Behind.

My blog has been in business since January 2006, born at the urging of a professor who said I need to be current with emerging technology. I like this blogging thing but I hope that my use of a tiny corner of cyberspace might be a force of change and not a waste of bits and bytes.

I sometimes look back at my long, life-draining career at a mom and pop operation named Contractors Register, publishers of a Yellow Page type directory called The Blue Book of Building and Construction, and wonder why I flushed almost 20 years of my life down the toilet. Besides working in an Ultra-White corporate culture akin to a restricted country club devoid of minorities, my days were lost as a manager or account exec selling silly little advertisements to one of America’s most corrupt industries, construction and building. Every day was a struggle to cope with an overwhelming lack of value in the use of my intelligence and talents. Besides enduring insults, professional jealousy, ridiculous leaders and a loss of confidence, I suffered a heart attack and the resulting triple by-pass surgery … all because this company controlled my ability to support my family.