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Give Boys a Break! April 20, 2006

First, I need to pass along some great news about my Alma Mater:

The Drexel School of Education has again been ranked by U.S. News & World Report among America’s Best Graduate Schools. In the 2007 edition, Drexel ranks 57th in the nation among graduate education programs and 16th among private colleges and universities. In the latest ranking, Drexel is nine positions higher than it was ranked last year, and two positions higher among private colleges and universities.

I am very proud of my decision to attend Drexel. IMHO, Drexel has a wonderful staff of instructors who know more than most about education and work hard to be ahead of the curve on pedagogy and best practices. They have taught me more in just two years then I learned in my previous16 years of school that ended back in 1979. The real winners, however, have been my students. My students are fortunate that their teacher actually learned useful techniques which he applies every single day. I also learned the value of working with the administration (not against them) and with the PTS and parents. Drexel has delivered!

However, as every teacher quickly learns, there is no way that classroom instruction and books can prepare you for every situation. Inspiring Teachers recently gave a weekly tip about working with boys in the classroom. The author passes along three very good books about teaching boys: Bringing Up Boys by Dr. James Dobson, The Wonder of Boys by Michael Gurian, and The Minds of Boys also co-authored by Michael Gurian. It seems that boys are built a little different than girls (okay, no wisecracks).