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Imus Sacrificed for Hillary’s Presidency April 16, 2007

In the wake of the Imus termination last week, polls are starting to indicate that that Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have all achieved the true objective of their witch hunt against Don Imus. The country, according to at least three different polls, is split almost right down the middle in their sentiments about the Imus firing. Racial tensions have been manipulated and exacerbated to achieve a massive polarization against middle-of-the-road politics, an uncomfortable scenario ideally suited for highly liberalized players like Eenie, Meanie, Miney and Moe as mentioned above.

The most interesting statistic in an ABC poll is that the only population segment that was decidedly in favor of the Imus firing was black women (70% favored firing). The ONLY reason this statistic is interesting is because this group is far and above the smallest audience segment of Imus’ audience; therefore, they have no familiarity with the embattled radio host other than what a biased media has presented to them.

The news media, particularly CBS in trying to cover its footsteps, continues to disseminate disinformation, spin and twisted documentation to support the firing. It is important that we continue to focus on the true facts. This is not a defense of what Imus said. Again, for the record, what he said was wrong, inappropriate and stupid. However, his actions pale in comparison to what MSNBC, WFAN and CBS radio have done. If what Imus did was so terrible and merited termination, why did MSNBC and CBS Radio wait NINE DAYS to execute him? Simple … they fired Imus AFTER they milked all the advertising revenue and publicity that they could from the situation. Their “righteous indignation” about Imus’ comments is a load of crap and their sensitivity towards the Rutgers’ ladies was fraudulent.


This has nothing to do with rap or gangster music. With all due respect to the Rutgers’ women and women everywhere, this is not about gender bias by Imus. With all due respect to people of all races, creeds and colors, the real issue here has nothing to do with racial bias by Imus. If you doubt my veracity, do your own research … but look at Imus’ record on the political issues he has challenged and his personal commitment to specific fundraising efforts. The loyalty among Imus fans has already doubled donations to his previous radio-thon for the CJ Foundation , Tomorrow’s Children and the Imus Ranch. Over $3.5 million was raised despite a DELIBERATE effort to sabotage the radio-thon by MSNBC and CBS radio (showing what they think about charity … after all, they could have waited until after they event, right?). 

But, with all due respect to Imus, the real issues here have nothing to do with Don Imus. He’s a big boy and he made his amends; he was fired before and he will once again rise from the ashes like a phoenix. Let’s be honest … do we need to worry about a multi-millionaire?

1984 and Racial/Political Extortion

A comment by my good friend Phyl to my last post was instrumental in clarifying what the real issue was here. America is being set-up for a major socio-economic calamity that will take place following the 2008 Presidential election. The election of Hillary Clinton as President is being orchestrated with subtle intrigue, and no issue in America will ever be as divisive again.

We first need to look more closely at Media Matters for America (MMFA). Masquerading as a non-profit organization, this group was founded in May 2004 STRICTLY with the intent of taking down right-wing, conservative talk-show hosts. Imus only marginally fit this category because he has attacked hypocrites like Obama, Clinton, Jackson and Sharpton, the matinee idols of the ultra-liberal mod squad. In fairness, Imus was just as critical of the Bush administration as anyone. MMFA needs to be investigated for violations of its charter and should be taxed as an investigative organization. The MMFA officers and supporters need to be identified; this information is conveniently omitted on MMFA’s self-serving web site. Most LEGITIMATE non-profit organizations post their staff and officers for public review … makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Also bear in mind that it took over two days of press releases and active campaigning for the spies at MMFA to raise the Imus issue to national attention, according to The Wall Street Journal. Once again, one cannot dispute that Imus’ comments were totally unacceptable. However, many media experts have pointed out that nobody was in a better position than Don Imus to use his power, position and broadcasting skills to raise the debate about racial and gender tensions. We therefore must wonder why Imus was silenced.

One undisputable issue is that Big Brother is watching. Whether it is the US PATRIOT Act, MMFA or Internet bandits, you are being watched. If they can take down Imus, none of us are safe. If your boss wants to find a reason to get rid of you, it is easy to infiltrate your email, record your phone calls, look at your phone records, pull your credit report and have investigators follow you. If you do not want to believe this, I can tell you about the last two companies I worked for. One executive gave me specific orders to take down a manager and, months later, told not to hire a black woman or “that Jew” from Florida.

If you are going to believe that MSNBC and CBS were concerned about racial backlash, stay asleep and continue to wander along with the rest of the lemmings and sheep. Let me point out that both stations (and others) are running one of the most blatantly racist commercials featuring comic Carlos Mencia. He is teaching immigrants how to speak English by asking for a certain beer (the horrible-tasting one from a company in St. Louis). In it, he uses racially and ethnically oriented humor that degrades Black Americans, New Yorkers, Russians and Hispanics. Where is the consistency? Where is the outcry? Why aren’t the centerfold boys, Al and Jessie, screaming about this one? Where are Hillie and Barak?

The Imus-Clinton Connection

In 1996, The Radio and Television Correspondents’ Association made a huge mistake by inviting Imus to do the after-dinner speech. Imus, in his usual up-front manner, warned them that he was not going to be a hypocrite and that he would do the same material from his radio show. President Clinton and Hillie looked like somebody had snuck up behind them and issued what my kids call a Super-Atomic-Flaming-Wedgie. My favorite line was Imus’ take on Clinton when he had been in the broadcast booth the night Cal Ripkin broke Lou Gherig’s “Iron Man” record. Ripkin had hit a long fly ball and, as it sailed over the wall for a home run, Clinton yelled into the microphone, “Go, baby, go!” Imus said that Clinton had yelled those same words dozens of times in the Oval Office. Another favorite was about Clinton having Astroturf covering the bed of his pick-up truck.

Hillary, who met with the Rutgers’ girls AFTER Imus was fired and AFTER the team had accepted the Imus apology, told the press that she never would have appeared on the Imus show. This statement is notable for a few reasons. First, every political pundit has acknowledged that Bill Clinton’s appearance on “Imus in the Morning” in 1992 was what guaranteed his election to the presidency. Imus’ power in promoting candidates was demonstrated even more fully with Harold Ford Jr. of Tennessee, who almost became the first black Southerner elected to the U.S. Senate in over 100 years. Ford coincidentally was among the rats jumping ship on Imus last week, on April 11, one full week after Imus’ comments. Obviously, he was waiting to see which way the wind was blowing.

Imus, while many things, was never a prostitute to ratings. He would never, ever have Hillary on his program for one reason. He recognized that Hillary is a threat to the life and liberty of this country and he recognized her actions and activities as lying, double-talking, polarizing and hypocritical. If you think things were out of control when Bill was President, wait until 2008 when Hillary can do whatever she wants without the interference of Bill’s moderation.

More important will be the ascendancy of the next hidden government that will tax middle-income Americans into the poor house and expand government to control more areas of our lives. Please understand this has nothing to do with Hillary’s gender, but it is all about her agenda. She will kill America. It is to that end that Imus was the first in a long line of broadcasters who will be attacked and ousted to clear Hillie’s path to the White House. Maybe MMFA’s shadowing of Imus was as much a payback for Imus’ 1996 speech as it was a plowing of the 2008 election fields. We can be sure that Barack Obama is just window dressing … this is all about Hillie. Imus’ ouster is not about the Republicans because they have done a great job messing things up and, had the Democrats run anybody but John Kerry in 2004, the Democrats would be the ones screwing things up right now.

My greatest concern is that unless reasonable minds can step in and correct the mistakes of the last two weeks, we must expect the racial and gender extortion to continue. Such activity is necessary for Sharpton, Jackson, Clinton, Obama and others to keep Americans from noticing the real threat. While everyone will be distracted by the upcoming attacks on gangster music, the Four Horsepeople of America’s Apocalypse (note: political correctness!) will be riding forth to create an atmosphere full of racial and gender bigotry, further alienating Americans and creating more disharmony.


3 Responses to “Imus Sacrificed for Hillary’s Presidency”

  1. Phyl Says:

    A good analogy for Sharpen, Jackson and other black activists crying foul for racial discrimination is like an ice delivery man trying to make a living next door to a refrigerator manufacturer. They are all clearly irrelevant and suffering from acute obsolescence.

  2. […] disconcerting is Hillary’s role in the take-down of her greatest radio critic, Don Imus (see “Imus Sacrificed for Hillary’s Presidency”). Equally worrisome are the shadowy activities of the pro-Clinton, Clinton-backed organization […]

  3. bcvb1949a Says:

    Well now! The Hillary Presidency? Doesn’t look like a shoe in with Imus returning December 3rd. One of his first guests is James Carville.

    Could be a very interesting conversation.

    Bruce from Florida

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