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Sharpton Puts Foot in Mouth and Head You-Know-Where May 9, 2007

The Rev. Al Sharpton, a man of God who preaches bigotry, hatred and racial extortion for his own gain, once again has bared himself as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The man with the pure soul and big heart who pursued DJ Don Imus like Imus was the personification of evil, now must be held accountable for his own remarks.  

According to, Sharpton said, “As for the one Mormon running for office, those who really believe in God will defeat him anyways, so don’t worry about that; that’s a temporary situation.” Sharpton’s comment was made Monday during a debate with Christopher Hitchens at the New York Public Library’s Beaux-Arts headquarters. Hitchens is an author and an atheist. 

Sharpton, a liberal Democrat from New York, has desperately tried to spin his comment, saying that it was directed at Hitchens. He has also denied that was questioning Romney’s faith in God. Rather than admit an error and apologize, Sharpton attacked the Romney camp, saying that Romney supporters are just trying to stir up a controversy.  

In the same debate, he added that there were definite religious underpinnings to civil rights movement under the Rev. Martin Luther King.  Most political analyst’s agree that Sharpton’s comments are an obvious reference to Mitt Romney, a Republican candidate who is a Mormon. According to CNN, Romney spokesman Kevin Madden said, “It is terribly disheartening and disappointing to hear Reverend Sharpton offer such appalling comments about a fellow American’s faith. America is a nation of many faiths and common values, and bigotry toward anyone because of their beliefs is unacceptable.” 

Romney himself said, “I think there are differences between different faiths in this country. And there will be battles between different religions. That’s a great thing about this country. We don’t decide who’s going to be in office based on what church they go to.” 

At this point, one has to question why this story is remarkably absent from the mainstream media. Where are those moguls of righteousness, NBC, MSNBC and CBS Radio? Where are those defenders of freedom, Media Matters for America? What the hell was Ryan Chiachiere doing and why did he miss this? Is Jesse Jackson just as fond of Mormons as Sharpton?  Why isn’t Queen Hillary on her high horse trying to derail Sharpton. Why isn’t Condoleezza Rice spitting her bit and kicking her hind legs? 

Sharpton’s syndicated radio show is joint venture between Reach Media, Inc. and Syndication One. The two web sites look remarkably incestuous. You can email complaints to or, better yet, to the advertising department at


3 Responses to “Sharpton Puts Foot in Mouth and Head You-Know-Where”

  1. Shore Says:

    There wont be much to say regarding the Sharpton’s comments because it doesn’t fit the main stream media mold or their agenda. Even a buffoon like Sharpton can say what he wants without media criticism because after all he is one of the justice brothers and the silence from the other clown is deafening. Also how are you going to fire someone who hasn’t worked a day in his life? He wouldn’t know a 1099 (or W2), all Greek to him.

  2. MediaMogul Says:

    Amazing. Absolutely amazing. And people are supposed to believe that there is justice in the world and that America is fair? Who is running this damn show? Sharpton should be banned from the radio. His diatribes and bigoted commentary is far more dangerous than anything any else said on radio. That REV. in front of his name makes people think he is speaking the Word of God. And we know that ain’t true.

  3. bluboo Says:

    Thanks for the comments. You both have very valid points. Sharpton’s title of “Reverend” carries impact in people’s minds (most obviously the unsuspecting) but it SHOULD have a certain level of responsibility. Without doing the same disrespect that Sharpton showed Romney by questioning his faith, let’s place the focus on the media’s double standards. While the inconsistency of MSNBC, NBC and CBS are obvious, the other news agencies are equally culpable in the failure to address Sharpton’s bigotry, hatred and devisiveness.

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