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Distorting History with The History Channel June 30, 2007

The History Channel is at it again. It’s Saturday night, June 30, and The History Channel is featuring “The Kennedy Assassination: Beyond Conspiracy.” For those of you who have not seen this show, it is a distortion of the true facts in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Essentially, it is another program in a long series of disinformation pieces designed to focus blame for Kennedy’s murder on Fidel Castro, the Mafia or solely on the shoulders of Lee Harvey Oswald.

First, let’s understand who runs The History Channel to determine if some slant might exist. According to the website for A&E Television Networks: “A&E Television Networks, a joint venture of The Hearst Corporation, ABC, Inc. and NBC Universal, is an award-winning, international media company offering consumers a diverse communications environment ranging from television programming, to home videos/DVDs and music CDs, to web sites, as well as supporting nationwide educational initiatives. AETN is comprised of A&E Network®, The History Channel®, History International™, The Biography Channel®, Military History Channel™, The History Channel en español™, Crime & Investigation Network™, AETN International, and AETN Consumer Products.”

I don’t know about you, but the idea that Hearst, ABC and NBC are in a joint venture is frightening to me. When three giants of the news industry operate together, we must wonder about levels of objectivity and journalistic integrity. But, it makes sense when this combine is manipulating historical fact to make a profit from an “entertainment-based” program.

I don’t know how many people still care about the JFK assassination. Maybe my generation is most confounded because we saw it with our own eyes. Maybe we are used to the fact that the government has been lying to us since that November day, all the way through Vietnam, Watergate, the gasoline crisis and so on. The assassination took place 43-1/2 years ago, yet one has to wonder why the wheels of disinformation continue to spin. I am not going to make a case for “conspiracy” nor am I going to applaud a movie as blatantly twisted as Oliver Stone’s “JFK.” Frankly, Stone damaged much of the hard work of many researchers with his fantasy about that awful day.

If you want to formulate your own opinion, I suggest that you watch Nigel Turner’s “The Men Who Killed Kennedy.” Turner, an English director, does not give an unbiased look and concentrates on conspiracy theories. But the evidence provided through interviews and evidence contrary to The Warren Report is thought provoking and powerful. You will also want to read “Crossfire: The Plot that Killed Kennedy” by Jim Marrs. Of all the books I have read about the assassination, Marrs offering is the most thorough and objective.

When it comes to JFK’s assassination, I usually ask people three questions: First, how did Oswald know to get a job at the Texas Book Depository … when the President’s route was not announced until the day before the shooting? Secondly, why does Kennedy’s head, brain matter and blood fly back and to the left (when looking at the back of the limo) if he was shot from behind and to the right? Third, if Oswald was really a lone assassin, how did he mess up the autopsy? If you find those questions disconcerting, then you are ready to understand why the majority of Americans refuse to believe The Warren Report.

I encourage you to look for your own answers if you are so inclined. But be forewarned. Do not let The History Channel, Dan Rather and other media butt-boys dissuade you from your search for the truth.


5 Responses to “Distorting History with The History Channel”

  1. DRoberdeau Says:

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  2. bluboo Says:

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  3. voice of 33 Says:

    an interesting video about an alignment in google earth that you can do yourself JFK AND AREA 51 IN COMMON

  4. RS Youngblood Says:

    I am suspicous of History Chan due to depiction of JFK car in Dallas as a Cadillac instead of the Lincoln it clearly was.

  5. I am a sophomore/junior majoring in communications at the University of Mary in Bismarck, ND. I am very intrigued as to what really occured and to what the federal Gov’t is holding back. I am an avid gun enthusiast and enjoy hunting as well, so I too know what bullets do when they travel through things. I also enjoy discussing knowledge about weapons and have served in this country’s armed forces. I know the level of covertness operations require to remain successful and undetected. So if you may, drop me a line or two, it would be nice to consult with a sceptic such similar to myself.
    Thank you, Sir or Ma’am.

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