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Payback Time for MSNBC July 8, 2007

First, I’d like to extend a hearty thanks to Catcleopatrick for a very nice referral on the MSNBC discussion board, post #756. You are tops, Cat.

In message 758, Cat supplies the following information: “Cable News Ratings from Imus’ last day until Friday. Fox & Friends: + 30%. American Morning: + 26%. Robin & Co. + 45%. Morning Joe: – 68%. Let me say it again. a loss of 68%. Minus 68%. I.E., two-thirds of the audience. A 68% loss. Even Mika trying to light the MSNBC building on fire in tribute to Al Sharpton’s 1995 Harlem demonstration won’t improve the MINUS 68% STATUS AT MSNBC. How is Brian Williams doing? More to be revealed.”

The Cable News ratings tell a very dramatic story. A 68% loss in audience is total self-destruction, a catastrophe beyond any recoverable levels. This is what happens when Corporate America listens to a loud, uninformed segment of the population and makes decisions based on panic rather than sound, loyal thinking. Despite MSNBC’s attempts to spin the story to make themselves and CBS Radio look like heroes, they simply come out looking like the rats they truly are.

Nobody will applaud Imus’ stupid comment, and Imus himself would be at the head of the list to call his remarks idiotic. Very few people outside his loyal listeners will remember the sincerity of his apology and all the good things that he represented. Imus never claimed perfection, but it is up to his loyal fans to keep reminding people that Imus was not a racist, just an ordinary guy with a rather bizarre and usually great sense of humor. MSNBC is learning that paybacks are a “you know what” and that what goes around comes around.

I don’t think that Imus supporters could be any happier about the payback MSNBC received for abandoning Imus. Once again, the greater value with Imus’ firing is in understanding that his downfall was orchestrated by Media Matters for America, a thinly-veiled front for the Clinton campaign. We have been somewhat fortunate that other anti-Hillary radio hosts have learned the lesson of the Imus debacle, so Imus’ termination was not in vain.

It is much too early to be rallying the anti-Hillary camp despite her efforts to eliminate the other contenders and all the forces that threaten her election. As of last week, her webmaster was spamming feverishly to build up an already massive warchest. That warchest is in addition to a variety of backroom, under-the-radar organizations that will continue to “help” the opposition disappear.

Now that MSNBC is in the toilet, I will try to get the Arbitron’s for WFAN in New York City. I am sure they are headed for a big fall as well, and I will cheer again for that. Hopefully CBS Radio, NBC Television and CBS Television will suffer similar setbacks and losses in profits.

Remember also to keep your ears open for Rev. Al Sharpton’s next attempt at racial extortion through the facilities of Syndication One and Reach Media. I doubt that Ryan Chiachiere is diligently monitoring Rev. Al’s bogus radio broadcasts to stir up the same tempest he did with Imus.


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