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The Panic in Boston Begins July 19, 2007

Red Sox Fans Looking Over Their Shoulders

The first signs of panic have started in Boston. According to one blogger, the Boston sports radio station WEEI is fielding call after call from Boston fans sensing another Yankee comeback. This comes on the heels of the Sox losing two of three in Kansas City while the Yankees are in the middle of a five-game winning streak.

More importantly, the 12-game lead that the Red Sox enjoyed two weeks ago has dwindled to seven games. The Yankes are only six games back in the loss column and have two games in hand, and seventy games to go.

Yes, Boston, it is time to worry. With 70 games to go, anything can happen (ummm … 1978). This is where Yankee pride, tradition and history kicks in. Expect Steinbrenner to make trades to shore up the bullpen, and expect the starters to get in a groove like you’ve never seen. And the offense will get on a roll that will be almost unstoppable.

Expect huge stretch performances from Jeter, Rodriguez, Rivera, Pettite and Clemens. The rest of the Yankees will follow with overachieving efforts.

Will the Yankees catch Boston or at least make it in as a wild card? Only time will tell. But, if I were a Red Sox fan, and thank God I am not, I’d be pretty worried right now. Whatever happens, it won’t be as easy as anyone thinks … it will be a battle to the death. See you in September, Chowder Boys!


3 Responses to “The Panic in Boston Begins”

  1. firedannyainge Says:

    WEEI speaks for no one. Those brain dead callers agree with whatever the hosts say.
    Sure we (Red Sox) could blow this easily because our hitting is dead but IMO with Beckett now healthy and Schilling coming back getting our pitching back should make the difference.

    (not my site)

  2. bluboo Says:

    Thanks for the comment, Isn’t it funny how local sports radio stations (like WFAN here in New York) always seem to get people more angry than appeased? And you are right … it is the same “brain-dead” callers all the time. How boring!

    In reality, I wrote the article because the situation is really pretty funny. I understood it because, as a New York Ranger fan, I didn’t believe we had really won the Stanley Cup until I saw Messier holding it. It’s a little early for Red Sox fans to be in a state of panic, especially with their 68 games remaining (and 70 for the Yankees). Whatever happens, it will be interesting.

  3. firedannyainge Says:

    I will give you that. It will be interesting and I wouldn’t put it past the Red Sox to fall apart but as soon as our injured players get back I have faith they will keep the lead they have. It will all come down to the games we play against each other. I will be at my first Red Sox/Yankee game in September and I can’t wait to boo Johnny Damon:)

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