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Just Call Me Bob August 5, 2007

Unsinkable Bluboo

The Wreck of the S.S. Bluboo

The Northern Ontario fishing expedition reached a sad conclusion on Saturday, August 4, as I made it home from Spanish, Ontario, to Cross River, NY, in under 14 hours. I originally headed to Spanish for one week but I didn’t want to leave, so I stayed for an extra week.

I hope you will read my glowing review of of The Waterfalls Lodge and look at all the pictures on my Waterfalls Lodge page. Right now, it is time for me to expose the most embarassing moment of my fishing career.

Since mid-May, when I planned for this wonderful trip, I looked forward to a chance to go to Northern Ontario for a spectacular wilderness adventure and good living.

I had never really driven a boat before, but had watched others do it with envy. I looked forward to a chance to be captain of my own vessel.



The New York Rangers Are Ready!

Rangers Sign Avery and Hossa … Time to Rock and Roll!

While I was vacationing in Northern Ontario, Glen Sather, President of the New York Rangers, signed restricted free agents Sean Avery and Marcel Hossa for 2007-2008 following arbitration hearings. The Rangers roster is essentially complete for the upcoming season and represents a substantial improvement over the 2006-2007 team.

There seems to have been some media hype about the rigors of the arbitration process for Avery. The Rangers offered $1.3 million and Avery asked for $2.6 million. The arbiter essentially split the difference and awarded Avery $1.9 million, an $800,000 raise from the previous season. Apparently, it seems that some shrines of sports journalism integrity like The New York Post have tried to stir the pot and present Avery as angry and dismayed at comments made by Rangers management.

Let’s set the record straight for Avery, the fans and the mediocre hockey writers.