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No Need to Panic in Boston … Yet August 13, 2007

The Yanks Are Coming! The Yanks are Coming!

Back on July 19, I wrote a tongue-in-cheek article about how the Boston Red Sox should begin to panic (The Panic in Boston Begins). At the time, the Bronx Bombers trailed the Red Sox by seven games and were struggling to be competitive for the Wild Card playoff spot. Granted, at that time, it was a little too early to start to panic for any team still in the playoff hunt.

However, as play begins tonight, the Yankees trail Boston by just FOUR games as they enter a big series against Baltimore at the Stadium. Boston gets a break with Tampa Bay visiting Fenway. Boston should sweep the three games, but the Yanks need to take two out of three from the Birds to stay close.

The Yanks are also in a virtual tie with the Seattle Mariners for the Wild Card spot. Yes, no need to panic just yet, Boston. It’s not even September yet, right?


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