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An Interesting 2008 Presidential “Blind” Poll August 14, 2007

Website Let’s You Vote Your Conscience on Issues, Not Political Hype

Americans seem to be caught up in a frenzy of media hype for the 2008 Presidential Election well in advance of the first primary voting. One has to marvel that candidates are doing the same thing to the presidential elections that the retail industry did to Christmas. Just like holiday sales advertising that starts in October, we have begun the commercialization of the electoral process way ahead of conventional schedules.

Some might find this to be a healthy situation, but its positive impacts are only superficial.. We’ve already had debates, serious fundraising, name calling, media spin, character assassinations and the endless polls. Some analysts have suggested that candidates who are unable to garner 3% audience recognition at this unusually early date should consider dropping out.

The good news is that an organization called has developed a web site that allows voters to see which candidate best represents the issues most important to them. By visiting, voters can program their answers to 25 campaign issues and then see how all the candidates, Democrats and Republicans, measure up on those issues. My favorite political pundit and long-time friend, Tim McHugh of Area 51 Special Effects, promised me that I would be surprised at who was the campaign leader BASED SOLELY on a blind poll about the issues important to Americans. And I honestly was surprised!

It seems obvious to many that much of the misdirection and attempt to control the electoral process is the work of Hillary Clinton. If you register at Clinton’s web site, you will be subjected to an almost daily barrage of emails from Patti Solis Doyle, longtime Clinton aide, campaign manager and fundraising guru. To fully understand the “commercialization” of the Clinton campaign and its efforts to eliminate voter choices well before the primary season, check out Ryan Lizza’s article “Welcome to Hillaryland” in The New Republic.

The problem with the Clinton campaign, as has been well documented by her competition and political analysts, is that you never are quite sure where Hillary stands. Clinton’s noncommittal tactics and flip-flopping make it difficult to pin her down. As the wind changes direction, so does Hillary. Clinton’s campaign is not looking to win the election based on issues or leadership, but rather by using Internet wizardry and technical manipulations that will appeal to young voters.

Equally disconcerting is Hillary’s role in the take-down of her greatest radio critic, Don Imus (see “Imus Sacrificed for Hillary’s Presidency”). Equally worrisome are the shadowy activities of the pro-Clinton, Clinton-backed organization called Media Matters for America, a political action group masquerading as a non-profit organization. MMFA, through the activity of its pawn Ryan Chiachiere, was the front for Clinton’s sabotage of the Imus syndicated radio program. Clinton and her media allies were able to bring enough pressure on MSNBC and CBS Radio to derail Imus, one of her most powerful and influential detractors. The damage suffered by CBS Radio and MSNBC from Imus’ departure have been well documented.

Clinton and her secretive political machine are positive that Americans will be lulled to sleep with all the early presidential banter. By combining a massive war chest with a number of seemingly independent yet well-funded groups, the Clinton campaign is using the media extremely well in its attempt to end the election before it even begins.

It would seem prudent for Americans to scientifically see which candidate best represents his or her interests. Remember, that is just a web site and may not be foolproof. You may find, however, that it will point you in the direction of a candidate who you would not have expected … but then you must do your OWN research. That, gentle readers, is how the political process should work, not through the circus atmosphere of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.


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