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Rutgers’ Star Kia Vaughn Sues Imus, CBS, CBS Radio, MSNBC and others August 21, 2007

The Backlash from the Imus-CBS Settlement Begins

Al Sharpton Still Cannot Shut His Mouth!

As it has been widely reported through the media in the last few days, Rutger’s basketball player has filed a defamation of character lawsuit against radio host Don Imus, sidekick Bernard McGuirk and CBS Radio for the “nappy-headed ho” comments made last April. According to USA Today, the lawsuit was filed hours after the settlement between Imus and CBS Radio was announced.

The suit claims that Vaughn was humiliated, embarrassed and publicly mocked for the comments. According to attorney Richard Ancowitz, the lawsuit is “basically about vindicating my client’s good name. This is not a situation she ever asked for, and she would love to turn the clock back. But unfortunately she can’t, because of what Don Imus said on April 4.”

Ancowitz speaks with forked tongue, people. This lawsuit is only about one thing: MONEY!



Just Say “NO!” to Peca & Meehan

Meehan Issues an Ultimatum to the Rangers

According to TSN, which quotes John Dellapina of the The Daily News, Michael Peca’s agent has issued an ultimatum to Glen Sather, New York Rangers President and General Manager. “We’re probably going to force the issue by (today),” Don Meehan told the New York Post. “If I can’t reach him (today), we’ll just go our separate way.”

Michael Peca, 32, an NHL journeyman who has played with five different teams and is coming of an injury-shortened season, is at the center of an amazing media blitz by Meehan to stir up interest. Peca has also made himself highly visible in the press as he fights to find a team willing to take a chance on him next season. He remains one of several high-profile free agents who have been unable to find a taker.

So far, nobody is jumping through hoops to sign Peca. At 32 and following a broken leg last season, there is too much speculation that Peca is a high-risk signing at the salary he might command. There is little doubt that Meehan, agent to many NHL players, is probably trying to inflate Peca’s value by creating an artificial bidding war.