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Imus’ Return Continues to Unfold August 26, 2007

Where Will Imus Land?

According to several sources, radio industry analyst Brian Maloney says that embattled radio personality Don Imus may likely land on WOR-AM in New York City as a replacement for Donna Hanover, the ex-wife of presidential hopeful Rudy Guiliani. From there, he could be syndicated nationally once again.

Hanover is co-host on a morning drive show that currently ranks a distant third in the New York market that Imus dominated for years. Frequent rumors had Imus joining WABC-AM, but those rumors have been denied by WABC management. Maloney believes that WABC and Citadel Radio will not dump its successful team of Curtis and Kuby who own the current #1 morning slot in New York.

Any return to radio is unlikely to include Imus’ former sidekick Bernard McGuirk, the one who started the questionable exchange that led to Imus’ termination by CBS Radio.



Dont Look Back and No Direction Home

More Insight about the King and Queen in Don McLean’s American Pie

While searching Netflix last week, I found two fims about Bob Dylan’s career. The first was Bob Dylan: Dont Look Back (Dont {sic} as spelled on the DVD) and the second was No Direction Home: Bob Dylan (part 1). As part of my never-ending quest to offer plausible interpretations to Don McLean’s American Pie, I felt that I had to see these two films.

No Direction Home is a very good, two-part documentary about Dylan, directed by Martin Scorcese, with an incredible number of sound and video rarities (including some awesome performance footage from legendary artists). The commentaries will simply melt anyone with more than a passing interest in the history of rock and roll. So far, I have only seen part one and will take a look at part two later this week.

Dont Look Back is a sometimes silly and often irreverent look at Dylan’s 1965 concert tour in Great Britain. There are some memorable moments including verbal sparring by Bob Dylan and great live concert footage.

While there weren’t any earth-shattering discoveries in the films, there may be some interesting metaphors to be found in Woody Guthrie, Odetta Holmes, listening booths at record stores and Royal Albert Hall. To see what I think, visit my American Pie News and Updates Page.