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Imus’ Return Continues to Unfold August 26, 2007

Where Will Imus Land?

According to several sources, radio industry analyst Brian Maloney says that embattled radio personality Don Imus may likely land on WOR-AM in New York City as a replacement for Donna Hanover, the ex-wife of presidential hopeful Rudy Guiliani. From there, he could be syndicated nationally once again.

Hanover is co-host on a morning drive show that currently ranks a distant third in the New York market that Imus dominated for years. Frequent rumors had Imus joining WABC-AM, but those rumors have been denied by WABC management. Maloney believes that WABC and Citadel Radio will not dump its successful team of Curtis and Kuby who own the current #1 morning slot in New York.

Any return to radio is unlikely to include Imus’ former sidekick Bernard McGuirk, the one who started the questionable exchange that led to Imus’ termination by CBS Radio.

Maloney did not specify if he thought that the lawsuit filed by Rutgers’ basketball star Kia Vaughn against Imus and CBS Radio would have an impact on Imus being hired prior to the start of the Fall Arbitron ratings cycle that begins after Labor Day.

According to its website, Buckley Radio, the parent company of WOR in New York, owns and operates twenty radio stations in seven markets. In addition, the WOR Radio Network is operated as an independent syndicated programming provider with affiliates in over 400 markets.

Once again, I’d like to send along my thanks and regards to CatCleoPatrick and all the Imus fans on the MSNBC “Imus Friends” message board. So many Imus fans are anxious to get Don back on the radio because they know that America desperately needs his honesty, candor, intelligence and wit now more than ever. Remember, ANY form of censorship is intolerable in the United States, especially when it is used to silence humorists who give us the cleanest take on politics-as-usual..

The issue of Hillaryland crowning “Billary” as the first Empress of the United States is a matter for the American electorate. It is not something to be purchased in back rooms with a less-than-forthcoming respect for the people of this great country. Especially when people like Media Matters for America and Al Sharpton are trying to silence Billary’s critics through racial extortion and media blackmail.


9 Responses to “Imus’ Return Continues to Unfold”

  1. Bruce Says:

    Let us hope it is so. But Buckley Radio does not have the money to support Imus and Charles McCord, which you know he will pull from WFAN.

    Some say the Kia Vaughn lawsuit is Buckleys bargaining chip. And that Don would drop his price to get back on the air. Well maybe a little. But the man is worth at least to the Station that hires him, 20 to 30 Million in advertising and affiliate fees.

    Good blog. And I am with you not against you. Just think it might not come to pass with WOR-AM . But one thing is most certain, he has to get back on the air soon.

  2. bluboo Says:

    Dear Charles,

    Thanks for the kind and well-conceived comments. You deserved such a good response that you inspired another article. Thanks for reading. 🙂

  3. bluboo Says:


    Jump a little lighter, dearest. 😉

    There is no question about Vaughn’s hypocrisy and her crocodile tears. This is not a lawsuit designed to go to trial … it is a disgusting, blasphemous manipulation to extort a settlement from Imus and CBS. She is gambling that Imus and CBS would rather settle than go to court.

    Unfortunately, our “system” allows the litigation of ridiculous of charges like Vaughn’s. If Rutgers, Vaughn, the woman’s team and Vaughn’s coach (Vivian Stringer) had an ounce of integrity or sincerity, this lawsuit would be withdrawn. However, Vaughn and her attorney, Richard Ancowitz, are looking at multi-million dollar paydays. That means that integrity and sincerity went out the window.

    The lawsuit also gives Al Sharpton a soap box to preach his message of hate and bigotry. To that end, I am calling on the media to do what I am doing from this day forward: excommunicating Al. He is not a Christian minister. He is a pawn for Satan himself. Nobody should use “Rev.” when referring to America’s foremost bigot … with apologies to Paul Simon, you can just call him Al.

    We need Sharpton to keep talking. The more he talks, the more he sounds idiotic. He destroys his own credibility. Let him make his misanthropic, hate-filled comments … and then we all should react with sorrow and prayer for a man who denies his God.

    His producers, Reach Media and Syndication One, should be ostracized for allowing a racist like Sharpton access to the airwaves. All good people should continue to boycott his advertisers.

    Sharpton is one of the reasons why Empress Hillary must be defeated next November. As one of her henchmen and secret allies, he will continue to destroy the fabric of American society. He will be allowed to operate with immunity for one reason: as bigotry, prejudice and discrimination continue to disappear (however slowly), hate brokers like Sharpton lose power and the so-called “benevolent liberals” lose a chunk of their platform and support.

  4. Has anyone heard how WFAN has been doing ratings-wise since the end of Imus? How about hearing from all the members of Salon Imus how they feel about their political talk venue shut down?

    Have an idea that Rev. Al’s campaign against the I-man will be his last hurrah. Can he still be popular with the media establishment now that he succeeded in shutting down a not insignificant outlet for the members? I don’t think so.

  5. bluboo Says:

    Thanks for the comment, David.

    I think it is dangerous to believe that Sharpton is losing clout. He has been an expert at putting himself in the media’s limelight for over three decades. IMHO, you can expect Sharpton to continue fueling bigotry and prejudice despite the fact he dares to say he is a messenger of God.

    Also, remember a quote popularized by Adolph Hitler … “The bigger the lie, the more easily people will believe it.” That is the backbone of Sharpton’s messages.

    According to Radio Info, the Spring Trends for May-June-July showed that WFAN improved their share by .2 eprcentage p0ints. That increase moved them from #17 to #16 in the market. This is still far below their most recent peak of 2.7 in Fall 2005.

    WFAN was a very small part of the Imus market. Remember that Imus was syndicated across the country, and the affiliate fees are as much of a loss to CBS Radio as the advertising revenues.

    Please bear in mind that WFAN gets a significant boost because of baseball season as the radio home of the New York Mets. Without access to the “book” that breaks down individual time slots, it’s a tough call to say exactly what is happening. Spring trends are not really very reliable, and the “full” book for Fall 2007 will give the best assessment.

    It may be logical to assume that there was a loss of morning listeners at WFAN, but the proof is at least six months away.

  6. linda clarke Says:

    Hooray for Imus’s Comeback! Al Sharpton is the biggest racist of our time. Why do people listen to such garbage. Who is he to censor anyone?

  7. WalkerNY Says:

    Imus is an unfunny old fart, and always has been. I can’t believe they dumped the unique and FUNNY pairing of Curtis & Kuby to bring back this fossil.

    I hope WABC’s Phil Boyce pays dearly for this stupidity

  8. bluboo Says:

    Dear Walker,

    You are entitled to your opinion. Curtis Sliwa remains at WABC and Imus thanked him for his support through this whole mess. Instead of whining, demonstrate some maturity and find a new station … that is what Imus fans did following his departure.

    What you are missing is that Imus’ termination in April was engineered by Clinton money, clearly a callous disregard of First Amendment issues. I dislike Al Sharpton but I will defend his right to speak his peace; I will not support his disregard for fair play, consistency and integrity.

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