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Chris Neil’s Cheap Shot Sidelines New York Ranger Pest Sean Avery October 7, 2007

Chris Neil – Hockey Coward

(October 7) Last night, the New York Rangers proved that the Ottawa Senators aren’t as good a hockey team as the media reports predicted. Despite a miserable performance, a lack of intensity, no offensive presence and a horrible defensive effort, the Rangers lost to Ottawa by a mere 2–0. Both Ottawa goals came in less than one minute of each other and were gifts resulting from bad defensive plays by the Rangers. Although Henrik Lundqvist let in one soft goal, he was brilliant against the highly-touted Ottawa team.

The story of the night, however, was the cheap shot by Chris Neil on Sean Avery, resulting in an apparent dislocated shoulder for Avery. Neil blind-sided Avery, who did not see Neil and was totally defenseless. The referees, playing “homey” for the Ottawa crowd, simply gave Neil a two-minute elbowing penalty and ignored the deliberate intent to injure Avery.

First of all, let’s not have any illusions about Sean Avery. He is a pest and is like a burr under a horse’s saddle or a pebble in your shoe. He knows how to stir the pot and mix things up. He is hardly a hockey angel. Yet his injury is the perfect example of why the NHL and its referees remain horribly inconsistent.



Imus Return Scheduled for December 1

Imus Reportedly Ready to Sign with Citadel Broadcasting

According to the Washington Post, radio is about to get better again with the return of Don Imus to the airwaves. In a somewhat surprising move that was the subject of speculation in August, Citadel Broadcasting is close to a deal that will put Imus on WAB-AM radio in New York City. This will be a ratings coup for Citadel nationally and in the New York market.

The Washington Post article cites someone close to the negotiations in reporting that Imus will land the coveted morning spot currently held by the award-winning team of Curtis Sliwa, founder and leader of the Guardian Angels, and Ron Kuby, a high-powered attorney. The Imus show will reportedly be avilable for syndication and a TV outlet is also being sought.

The move comes less than six months following Imus’ termination by CBS Radio and MSNBC for the incident with the Rutgers women’s basketball team. Imus reached a settlement on his contract with CBS Radio in August. Kia Vaughn of the Rutgers team filed a lawsuit against Imus following the CBS settlement but withdrew it in September.