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Imus Return Scheduled for December 1 October 7, 2007

Imus Reportedly Ready to Sign with Citadel Broadcasting

According to the Washington Post, radio is about to get better again with the return of Don Imus to the airwaves. In a somewhat surprising move that was the subject of speculation in August, Citadel Broadcasting is close to a deal that will put Imus on WAB-AM radio in New York City. This will be a ratings coup for Citadel nationally and in the New York market.

The Washington Post article cites someone close to the negotiations in reporting that Imus will land the coveted morning spot currently held by the award-winning team of Curtis Sliwa, founder and leader of the Guardian Angels, and Ron Kuby, a high-powered attorney. The Imus show will reportedly be avilable for syndication and a TV outlet is also being sought.

The move comes less than six months following Imus’ termination by CBS Radio and MSNBC for the incident with the Rutgers women’s basketball team. Imus reached a settlement on his contract with CBS Radio in August. Kia Vaughn of the Rutgers team filed a lawsuit against Imus following the CBS settlement but withdrew it in September.

Imus’ return to the airwaves comes on the heels of reports that Hillary Clinton’ campaign is well connected to the firing of Imus and the recent attacks on Rush Limbaugh. NewsMax is reporting that there is a definite connection between the shadowy Media Matters for America, George Soros and Hillary Clinton. MMFA is the organization that bombarded the media for two days with emails about the Imus comment about the Rutgers woman, and they are also responsible for misquoting Rush Limbaugh in a deliberate attempt to discredit him..

That’s two anti-Hillary media giants that have been targeted in less than six months. Do you get the picture?

Imus’ return will bolster the anti-Hillary forces and hopefully prevent her ascendancy to America’s throne. Her actions are all too reminiscent of Richard Nixon and the smear campaigns that were used to discredit a variety of Americans. Americans need to wake up and realize what the Democrats and Ms. Clinton are doing – they are trying to silence their critics by sidestepping the First Amendment.


6 Responses to “Imus Return Scheduled for December 1”

  1. danielbotnick Says:

    Imus is still a creep and not really entertaining. He’s OK for syndication where the average IQ is about 90, but he ain’t New York. Curtis & Kuby are. I, for one, am really disappointed in Citadel, many of whose programming decisions are weird.

  2. bluboo Says:

    Imus has been “categorized” as a shock jock and he definitely polarizes listeners. You either love him or you hate him. IMHO, you are a little misinformed about his audience … generally tending to be older, well educated and in higher income brackets. And Imus is much more “New York” than you may know, but you’d have to know his whole history back to 1973.

    I have no gripes about Curtis and Kuby since I listen to them in the AM. I can appreciate Citadel’s “assumed” position (since the Imus move has not been openly discussed) that C&K are not a ratings success and they do not have the syndication value of Imus.

    Again, Imus is Imus and you either love him or hate him. My personal position is that we need another powerful voice in the efforts to end the Clinton’s attempt to gain control of the White House again.

  3. john taylor Says:

    Imus supports John McCain for president and because John McCain is in favor of sending more troops to Iraq I do NOT support Imus. The many things Imus has done for the less fortunate in this country is admirable and he should be praised for those things along with his wife Deirdre, but the fact remains he supports McCain for president and I would rather NOT see another voice in the media in favor of that old ugly blubbering stumbling fart, which is basically what Imus is only not quite as ugly.
    By the way, I also hate Sen. Clinton and welcome all Imus’s negative comments about her and her sick evil underhanded caniving ways. Let’s hope America does NOT have to decide between those two fascists but, instead, allow Imus to rule the morning if it simply has to be.
    Go Imus, you bastard! Go McCord! And will you have your two commedians on with you? Hope so. What about Bernard? Is he still unemployed or will you also bring him back from the dead?

  4. bluboo Says:

    Dear John,

    Thanks for the comment.

    Unfortnately, due to illness, I slept through a great deal of this morning’s maiden broadcast and I was not aware that Imus had shown a preference for any candidate. I Thought Imus backed McCain’s support of the throops who are in Iraq, as does Imus, but he has never been a suporter of the war.

    My information said the Bernard was still a part of the Imus team but would not be miked. As much as I like some of the stuff he did, I think he is too big a liability ar this time. Maybe he will reappear in the future, especially with the 21-second broadcast delay to short-circuit potentially offensive material.

  5. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  6. bluboo Says:

    Dear Idetrorce:

    It’s fine to disagree, but what exactly are you disagreeing with? Is it about Imus or Hillary or something else?

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