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My Favorite Links February 11, 2006

Your Page for a Long, Strange Trip

Okay, everybody has favorite links. I’d like to think that mine make a statement about me and my hobbies/interests. Please don’t call the guys in the white jackets just yet, buy you can use it when my commitment case comes to trial. I hope you’ll visit a few … and share some of your own with me!

REMEMBER: right-click on a link and then click … that will make sure that you don’t leave the ‘hood while surfing!


The Waterfalls Lodge — My Best Vacation Ever!

My Waterfalls Lodge Pictorial Page — See it from my perspective!

My Yellowstone Pictorial Page — Yellowstone Pictures from my Camera

Teaching and Education

Drexel University — Only the Best!

Beginning Teacher’s Toolbox — Super Site for Starters, get Freebies!

Crayola Creativity Center — Coloring for the kids

The Drexel Math Forum — Great math enrichment

Learning Styles Questionnaire — Test Learning Styles (you, your class, etc.)

City Teacher — a kindred spirit from the “other” coast

Wordsmith Me — Help and nuggets for writers on the go. As a writing instructor, I love Maria’s focus and ideas!

Comedy and Entertainment

Lewis Black — not for kids, but he’s a genius

Don McLean Online — for fans of one of my favorite artists

Buddy Holly Online — my favorite Buddy Holly site

Emeril’s Suffed Artihoke Recipe — Enough said. Wow!

Despair, Inc. — You need to see this

Imus Ranch Foods — Green Cleaning Products that really work (I use them), great foods, donate to the Imus Ranch


The New York Rangers — Great Team, Great Fans, Madison Square Garden Rocks!

National Hockey League — scores, highlights, standings

New York Yankees — The Tradition Lives

Bob Costas’ Eulogy of Mickey Mantle — A Must Read
New Devils Mascot

The New Logo for the New Jersey Devils


2 Responses to “My Favorite Links”

  1. Ed Gribbins Says:

    I am a big fan of Don Imus. Do you have an email address so that I can tell him how I feel about him?

  2. bluboo Says:

    Hi Ed:

    Imus does not post an email address other than one that had been on the MSNBC site … but I encourage people not to go anywhere near MSNBC as a protest against their hypocrisy. You can, however, write to Imus in care of Imus Ranch Foods:

    Imus Ranch Foods
    P.O. Box 282
    Holtsville, NY 11742

    I’ve also added a link for Imus Ranch Foods above.

    Thanks for reading!


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